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5 Popular Private Label Pet Supplements [Infographic]

The pet supplement industry continues to be a rapidly growing market segment in the United States. 68% of U.S. households own a pet, according to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey (Survey equates to 84.6 million homes). Out of those pet owners, $60.28 billion was spent on their pets in the U.S. This spending trend comes along with a stronger overall economy and more disposable income to spend on extra pet items. The majority of Americans are now more health conscious and, as a result, are more conscious for their pets’ proper nutrition as well. According to the survey, Americans are spending more on vitamins for their dogs and cats than on either toys or treats. Here’s a look at some of the most popular products in pet supplements for private label today:


1. Dog/Cat Multivitamins | Private Label Pet Supplements

While pet foods provide sustenance for hunger, the majority of them do not provide the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to promote a healthy, balanced diet. Pet multivitamin supplements usually come in a chewable tablet or powder form that mixes with the pet’s food or water.


2. Senior Dog/Cat Multivitamins | Private Label Pet Supplements

Senior dog/cat multivitamin supplements can help older pets suffering from problems with coat, vision, skin and/or poor appetite. The supplements typically come in either chewable tablet or powder form.


3. Dog/Cat Probiotics | Private Label Pet Supplements

When a pet is having digestion issues, the symptoms are clear and common. Some signs include lack of appetite, or growling stomachs. Pet probiotic supplements assist with these digestive issues that throw off the natural digestive balance by supplementing healthy bacteria. As probiotic supplements continue to become more well-known and popular in pet owner households, popularity with pet probiotic supplements grow as well. These types of pet supplements typically either come as a sole probiotic supplement or as a multivitamin with a natural probiotic in the formula. 


4. Hip and Joint Supplements | Private Label Pet Supplements


Pets are living longer lives, creating a need for specialized pet supplements. Over time, active dogs and cats start to slowly apply extra stress to their bones and joints. Additional support from a hip and joint supplement will ensure improved performance management. These supplements – offered in powder, tablet, or chewable tablet form – can help improve mobility, promote healthy cartilage, and provide antioxidant support.


5. Daily Greens Supplements | Private Label Pet Supplements


Living a healthy lifestyle now extends beyond pet owners to their pets. As our society has become more health conscious – exercising, eating healthy and taking supplements – the same evolution has occurred with our pets. It’s important that cats and dogs also maintain healthy eating habits, taking nutritional supplements complementing daily meals. Vital nutrients can be achieved by taking pet daily greens supplements which provide vitamins and minerals to pets that can improve their natural energy levels, digestive health, and vital antioxidant intake. These supplements are typically found in a powder, though they can come in chewable tablets and regular tablets.


Pet supplements are an ever-growing market segment, and the trend is only expected to rise. According to Packaged Facts, sales of pet supplements are expected to increase to reach over $697 million in 2019. As Bob Vetere, President and CEO of the American Pet Products Association (APPA) contests, “The pet humanization trend is alive and well and continues to drive growth at the premium end of the market.” He goes on to add, “As millennials prepare to take the reins from the baby boomer generation as the primary demographic of pet owners, they stand to further develop this trend.” Pet supplement products are not going anywhere anytime soon. To keep aligned with the trends and demands of these multigenerational pet-owning consumers, it would be advantageous for retailers to provide their own private label brand of pet supplements to reach this rapidly growing market.


Disclaimer – If your pet has existing medical conditions, please consult their Veterinarian prior to use.



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