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Best Supplement Forms in the Nutraceutical Industry

Best Supplement Forms in the Nutraceutical Industry

According to our general inquiry and research, the following supplement forms are currently the most popular in the nutraceutical industry.

As you likely already know, supplements are a key point in any person’s diet. Since we might not always get every vitamin, mineral, or nutritional boost that we need from the food we eat in a day, supplements can easily be used to fill those quotas and keep you in tip-top health. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of ways to take these supplements, too.

Supplement Forms


Exactly as they sound, a capsule-in-capsule is a pill in which one smaller capsule is nestled inside of a larger, liquid-filled one. The capsule at the center can either be filled with liquid or powder. The purpose of this capsule is to allow for a delayed release of the substance within, making it perfect if you need a dual-release supplement.

Liquid Capsules

If you need your supplements to kick in quickly, liquid capsules are right for you. This type of pill allows for quick absorption into the digestive system, since the body doesn’t have to work very hard to break the liquid contents down.

Beadlet Capsules

Best Supplement Forms in the Nutraceutical Industry

Best Supplement Forms in the Nutraceutical Industry

These capsules are filled with supplements that have been manufactured in small, bead-like forms. It allows for a delayed release of certain ingredients within the pill, while still retaining some of the quicker absorption qualities that you might find in liquid capsules. Additionally, you can easily customize the appearance and color of these capsules, making it easy to differentiate between doses and ingredients.


Best Supplement Forms in the Nutraceutical Industry

Best Supplement Forms in the Nutraceutical Industry

The hard shell of traditional capsules is easily penetrated by the digestive enzymes, allowing for quick absorption as well. Another bonus is that the shell itself can often contain the odor and taste of unpleasant ingredients, making them much easier to take. Additionally, these pills can be made quite small because fewer ingredients are needed to reach an effective dose. This makes them a good choice for people who can’t take large pills easily, or who struggle to take pills without a casing.


An extremely versatile option, tablets can be time-released, chewable, compressed, and more. They can come in any size, shape or thickness, making them a friendly option for people who don’t like to swallow pills. You can easily add flavors to these as well, making them more enjoyable to take.

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Many standard supplemental nutrient powders come in just a few select flavors, but this is one of the most versatile of all supplement forms. The flavor options can become quite varied if you know where to look. Most importantly, powders can be mixed into just about anything, allowing you to just pour a serving into a drink or smoothie and be on your way. It’s a very no-mess, no-frills method of getting your nutrients in.

Blister Packs

This is perfect for people who have a little bit of trouble remembering when they took their supplements. Managing your pills can be difficult, after all. Blister packs contain a number of pills in one pack, allowing you to punch out one per day and easily look back to see whether or not you have taken the right number.


If you are taking multiple supplements in any given day, it can get hard to keep track of everything. Sachets are flat bags with sealable tops that allow you to place all of your daily supplements in one container. This makes it much easier to consume your daily dosage without worrying about missing anything.

Stick Packs

These are like sachets, but for powders instead of capsules or tablets. Both ends are sealed and the packaging itself is usually skinny like a stick of gum, hence the name. It allows for a pre-measured dose of powder to be easily accessible. No worries about getting the wrong amount in your drink!

Single-Dose Liquid Tubes

A measuring and carrying method for liquid. Single-dose liquid tubes are extremely convenient for those who are traveling since it allows you to take your recommended dosage on the go without having to stop and measure ingredients out from larger bottles.

As you can see, the different methods of taking supplements as well as the form that supplements come in are vast. No matter what kind of supplement you’re looking for or what kind of life you lead, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs a