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Blister Pack Manufacturing

Blister Pack Manufacturing


About Blister Pack Manufacturing

Blister packs include several types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for tablets and capsules. A pocket made from a formable web is the main component of a blister pack, which is typically a thermoformed plastic. The backing of this is of paperboard, a lidding seal of aluminum foil, or plastic. The product is contained inside of the formed pocket which is sealed by a lidding. Printing inks can be applied to the lidding material to provide graphics and aesthetic appeal.


Blister Pack Manufacturing Attributes

Blister packaging machines pack a number of possible products such as tablets, capsules, vials, or liquids. They possess many advantages such as barrier protection for shelf life, tamper resistance, and the ability to offer consumers a clearly marked individual dose. They also provide protection from environmental factors like moisture, light, gas, and temperature, retaining product integrity.