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Capsule Manufacturing

About Capsule Manufacturing

Capsules are shells or containers made of gelatin containing a dietary supplement or OTC drug. Hard capsules are made up of a stiff shell in two pieces that are filled with the substance and fit together.


Some advantages to hard capsules include quicker effect compared to other forms and more effective absorption. Capsules can be manufactured in smaller, easier to swallow sizes due to their more effective absorption requiring a lower dose.


These forms are suitable for substances that have an unpleasant taste or odor, as they have the ability to minimize the odor of certain ingredients. Capsules are visually appealing and can be produced in a wide range of colors and sizes to offer product differentiation. Hard shell capsules can be customized with a logo as well as text for a branding touch.




Capsule Manufacturing Process

Our FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility can produce up to 100 million capsules a month.

The manufacturing process of capsules fills two-piece hard shell gelatin and vegetable cellulose capsules with a liquid, oil, solid dietary supplement, or OTC drug using advanced technology and nutraceutical manufacturing machinery by highly-trained operators in our state-of-the-art certified facility.  Each capsule product at Ion Labs is manufactured with a vigilant attention to quality, going through an extensive product testing process by our in-house Quality Control and Research & Development teams. This ensures each batch meets quality and safety standards, regulations, product requirements, and customer needs.