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June 12, 2019
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Vitamins are nutrients required by the human body to function properly. They are also essential for helping the body in fighting against various diseases. Despite the necessity, the human body is not capable of producing vitamins on its own. Instead, vitamins are usually acquired through food. And sometimes, when the vitamins consumed through a diet

June 5, 2019
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Of all the steps involved in starting a supplement company, choosing the perfect health supplement wholesaler is essentially the most critical of all. The huge number of choices you have is both a blessing and a curse. Navigating through all the health supplement wholesalers, their manufacturing processes, and peripheral services could be time-consuming and overwhelming,

May 8, 2019
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Looking at the past few years, the demand for vitamins and dietary supplements keeps soaring every year. For healthy growth, strength, and development, our bodies require substances called vitamins. Essential vitamins consumed through a regular diet are rarely enough; thus, the body often needs a supplementary source. The vitamin and supplement manufacturing and retail business

May 2, 2019
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cGMP vs GMP GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices are a set of guidelines for processes and documentation that need to be followed to ensure a high-quality product. NSF International provides 3rd party certification that a manufacturer meets the GMP requirements. NSF’s GMP program started in 2002 in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 111 regulations

March 19, 2019
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With terms like CBD full-spectrum oil, distillate, and isolate, navigating the ever-growing CBD market can easily become overwhelming. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the many derivatives of the hemp plant. It has become widely popular because of the benefits it offers without the psychoactive effects of THC, another popular cannabinoid predominantly found

March 11, 2019
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The most decisive factor when choosing a delivery form for supplement manufacturing is the bioavailability. Consumers are always concerned about supplements not being broken down and absorbed into the body. For supplements that are unstable or have poor bioavailability, manufacturers prefer opting for a liquid formulation. One of the most common predicaments when it comes

February 25, 2019
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The increasing demand for CBD supplements suggests that adding CBD products to your supplement business could easily turn out to be a game changer. Different types of CBD products can cater to the needs of a variety of people. Although CBD oil is derived from cannabis, it does not have the psychoactive effects of THC.

February 14, 2019
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CBD oil and Hemp oil have become enormously popular over the past three decades. The passage of 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized cultivating Hemp as an agricultural commodity, will only add to their popularity. As the demand for CBD oil and Hemp oil increases, so does the number of CBD oil manufacturers. And as with