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CBD Wholesale Manufacturing Details All Business Should Follow

The 2018 Farm Bill that legalized industrial hemp cultivation was a great turning point for the hemp and CBD industry. It completely transformed the way people were approaching CBD products. Instead of wondering about the legality of CBD products, the general population, for the first time, opened up to the possible benefits of CBD and set out to discover what products were best-suited for them.

As with any industry, the growing demand resulted in exponential growth of the CBD market. Businesses became increasingly interested in offering CBD products to bridge the market gap. If you’re still on the fence about entering the CBD market, this post will give you an insight into the potential of Cannabidiol and some key details that a budding CBD business must not overlook when on the lookout for CBD wholesale manufacturing.

What is CBD Distillate?

CBD Wholesale Manufacturing Details All Business Should Follow [Hemp Extract with CBD]
CBD Wholesale Manufacturing Details All Business Should Follow [Hemp Extract with CBD]

Cannabis extract obtained from hemp flowers and biomass with high CBD content is refined several times to obtain a CBD Distillate. A CBD distillate usually has an 80% or higher concentration of CBD. However, it does contain some other cannabinoids, terpenes and oils that work synergistically with CBD to create an entourage effect.

CBD Distillate, when refined even further to achieve a CBD concentration of 99.5% or more, converts into cannabinoid crystals known as CBD isolate. CBD distillate is used in a variety of product forms such as capsules, tinctures and vape products.

CBD Wholesale Manufacturing for Businesses

CBD Wholesale Manufacturing Details All Business Should Follow [Hemp Extract with CBD]
CBD Wholesale Manufacturing Details All Business Should Follow [Hemp Extract with CBD]

The term ‘wholesale’ refers to a business buying huge quantities of goods from a manufacturer, storing them and selling them again to other consumers. Because of buying in huge quantities directly from the manufacturer, businesses are able to get goods at a lower price and resell them later at a higher price point to earn a profit.

For entering the CBD market, businesses first need to find the right CBD wholesale manufacturing partner to source their CBD products from. Choosing the right wholesale supplier is crucial for success in a market as competitive as CBD. Besides, it is only wise to conduct proper research and not compromise on quality for products that will eventually be consumed by people.

Details to Focus on for CBD Wholesale Manufacturing

CBD Wholesale Manufacturing Details All Business Should Follow [Hemp Extract with CBD]
CBD Wholesale Manufacturing Details All Business Should Follow [Hemp Extract with CBD]

Because of its plant origin, standardizing the potency and purity of CBD products is tricky and challenging. It takes a lot of commitment, state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous quality checks to ensure that the end product is standardized and exactly in accordance with the claims on its label. GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices are a set of guidelines that dictate the best practices for manufacturing high-quality, safe and effective dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals including CBD products.

Below are a few points to keep in mind before settling on a CBD wholesale manufacturing partner:

  • The most important thing to consider is the hygiene of the manufacturing facility. Ensure that the entire facility is clean and hygienic, and the manufacturer takes hygiene very seriously.
  • CBD products need to be kept at a certain temperature range, away from sunlight and in particular environmental conditions to maintain their effectiveness. A CBD manufacturing facility must have environmental controls to protect efficacy and avoid cross-contamination at all stages of the manufacturing process.
  • The wholesale CBD manufacturer must have all processes clearly documented using good documentation practices and diligently followed to ensure compliance.
  • All changes in the manufacturing and business processes must also be clearly documented to keep track.
  • It’s also important for the manufacturer to have an in-house testing laboratory and a quality control team to carry out testing at each stage of production. Clients must be provided with a COA (certificate of analysis) with each production batch to ensure consistency and quality.
  • Once CBD wholesale manufacturing process is completed, the manufacturer must also ensure that the distribution process does not damage the integrity of the products.

Always keep in mind that a good manufacturer will listen to your complaints and value your suggestions. A manufacturing company with bad customer service is often the first red flag that businesses can detect, and it certainly must not be ignored.

Ion Labs for Hemp Extract with CBD Wholesale Manufacturing

Critical Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Quality Standards

Ion Labs is one of the largest, most reliable dietary supplement contract manufacturers that operates in a cGMP certified manufacturing facility. Choosing a manufacturer like Ion Labs that boasts an in-house research & development team, a dedicated research laboratory, quality control team, and a temperature controlled warehouse can help businesses in focusing on promoting their business and growing their customer base while leaving the nitty-gritty of CBD manufacturing to the manufacturer. Working with someone reputable and reliable can also help a business in earning the trust of its customers. Before choosing a manufacturer, make sure it is someone you can see yourself working with for the years to come.