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Choosing a Global Supplement Wholesaler for your Business

Choosing a Global Supplement Wholesaler for your Business
Choosing a Global Supplement Wholesaler for your Business

Of all the steps involved in starting a supplement company, choosing the perfect health supplement wholesaler is essentially the most critical of all. The huge number of choices you have is both a blessing and a curse. Navigating through all the health supplement wholesalers, their manufacturing processes, and peripheral services could be time-consuming and overwhelming, to say the least. However, it is important to take your time and have patience while conducting your research; otherwise, a failed FDA inspection may ultimately seal the fate of your nascent health supplement company.

On the upside, once you’ve found your reliable partner, you can take your product from a concept to reality with minimal effort. Because wholesalers are more knowledgeable in the production matters and have access to state-of-the-art machinery, production experts, cheaper raw materials and better packaging equipment.

There are so many factors that should weigh in when choosing a health supplement wholesaler that a novice may find it hard to decide where to begin. The article will be going through a checklist of all the important points to consider before sealing the deal.

1.   Compliance with NSF cGMP

Choosing a Health Supplement Wholesaler for your Business
Choosing a Health Supplement Wholesaler for your Business

The first and foremost condition for a supplement wholesaler should be NSF cGMP certified. cGMP is a set of practices that must be followed to ensure quality manufacturing. Wholesalers that meet all the necessary standards and follow current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) are certified by the FDA. A cGMP certificate should be the first thing you ask your potential supplement wholesaler for. Manufacturers that have all their equipment up-to-date and a manufacturing process in place that yields high-quality supplements do not have anything to hide, and they will not be shy of displaying the hard-earned cGMP certification. Any excuses or reluctance in this regard is nothing but a warning sign for you to move on.

2.   Additional Business Services

Usually, wholesalers have a set of peripheral services that they offer in addition to supplement manufacturing. For example, Ion Labs offers custom & private label supplement manufacturing, packaging, graphic designing and fulfillment services as well. What could be better than having most of your business concerns taken care of by a single, trustworthy partner? It’s not necessary that you avail all services offered by the supplement wholesaler, but it’s good to have those options should the need arise. Having packaging, labeling and fulfillment taken care of, you will have more time to invest in other aspects of establishing your supplement business.

3.   In-house Testing Facility

This is more of a good-to-have than a must-have because you can have a third-party carry out relevant testing. But with dietary supplements, it’s important to conduct testing at each step of the production process. Add to that the various types of testing such as heavy metal, microbiological, stability and strength/composition tests, and hiring a third party for this could eventually become too expensive. So, health supplement wholesalers with an in-house testing lab could be a more viable and economical option.

4.   A Wide Range of Production Capabilities

On your hunt for the perfect wholesale partner, you should also consider production capabilities. You should ask about the order minimum, turnaround time, stock recipes, and most importantly their ability to cope when your business scales. At Ion Labs, we have separate weigh and blending rooms with a range of blenders and mixing tank sizes to cater to different order sizes without compromising effectiveness. Additionally, there are seven fully automated capsule machines, seven tablet presses and a range of coating machine sizes which allows us to offer different tablet shapes and sizes. Our stock packaging services and in-house quality assurance allows us to deliver rapidly and keep up with our clients’ business growing business needs. Ask your potential health supplement wholesaler about their ability to scale, and more importantly, learn if they have the right equipment and facilities to back their claims.

5.   Temperature-controlled Warehouse

Proper storage of supplements and their raw materials is of utmost importance. They should be stored in a climate-controlled. This will ensure that the quality is preserved from raw materials to the final product. Make sure that the products are kept in separate areas to avoid contamination and are released only after the approval from the Quality Control lab after all appropriate tests. There should be a process in place to monitor products from release until they are shipped.

A Final Word

Take your time in getting to know your health supplement wholesalers before striking a deal. Do not rush through the process. Your decision in this regard can easily make or break your business, so you need to have your mind at ease before finalizing someone. Don’t be shy of asking questions, and you may even request a walk-in tour. Good customer service is reflective of a company’s work ethic while reluctance and secrecy are usually indicative of shadiness. Another important factor is the market reputation and experience of the wholesaler.

In the end, it’s not just the manufacturing capabilities that matter, your health supplement wholesaler’s vision should be in line with your business goals to form a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.