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Hiring a Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer

July 22, 2019
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Hiring a Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer
Hiring a Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer

Gummies are not only the most popular form of vitamins among children due to their great taste and easy consumption, but they have rightly become a favorite among adults as well. As compared to other delivery formats that have a medicinal feel to them, gummies are more food-like and fun to eat. Over the years, gummy vitamin manufacturers have experienced a spike in their sales which has made new companies and brands to jump on the bandwagon and introduce their version of gummy vitamins as well.

What are Gummy Vitamins?

Gummy vitamins are basically chewable nutritional vitamin supplements that look like gummy candies in color, smell, and taste, but are packed with important minerals and vitamins to combat vitamin deficiencies. Their ease of use, great taste, and lack of foul smell is the reason for their growing popularity among people. Consumers, especially children, who avoid taking vitamins because of their medicine like formats can find a great, enjoyable alternative in the form of gummy vitamins.

Benefits of Taking Gummy Vitamins

gummy supplement manufacturing
gummy supplement manufacturing | Hiring a Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer

From a consumer’s perspective, gummy vitamins are a delicious way of adding beneficial vitamins in their diet. They are easy to carry along during travel and are convenient to take even when on the go. Different shapes and flavors of gummy vitamins make taking vitamins fun and enjoyable experience. Most importantly, with the right gummy vitamin manufacturer, consumers can get essential nutrients in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. There are several options available in the market today that are vegan and sugar-free as well.

Challenges in Manufacturing Gummy Vitamins

As convenient as gummy vitamins are for consumers, they aren’t as easy to produce for gummy vitamin manufacturers. The market has a limited number of well-qualified, expert gummy vitamin manufacturers. Another problem is the short number of nutritional actives that can be incorporated in the gummies unlike other delivery formats, and the challenge lies in ensuring that the recommended number of nutrients can be delivered to the consumer in a reasonable dosage of gummy vitamins.

Furthermore, gummies are prone to melting and losing shapes in hot temperatures. This particular property helps in molding the gummies in various shapes and sizes, but that’s also the reason why they would melt in a hot car if left for a considerable amount of time.

Manufacturing a Custom Gummy Vitamin for Your Business

gummy supplement manufacturing
gummy supplement manufacturing | Hiring a Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer

When you decide to add a gummy vitamin product to your catalog, it’s important that you choose a gummy vitamin manufacturer that manufactures and tests in-house. This is the most affordable choice for businesses as there is no middleman between them and their manufacturing partners. Another thing to ask for is the additional services that your manufacturer may provide such as labeling, packaging and fulfillment. It’s not a must that you hire a single manufacturer for all peripheral services; however, it is the most affordable option and will come in handy if you’re looking for affordability.

Why Choose Ion Labs for Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing?

The benefit of choosing an experienced gummy vitamin manufacturer like Ion Labs is that there are plenty of well-tested, effective formulas already there to choose from. The expertise of Ion Labs allows them to create a product that suits your requirements in a very short span of time. Ion Labs is also capable of manufacturing high volumes of gummy vitamins which will allow them to stand with you even when your business expands.

Ion Labs is an experienced gummy vitamin manufacturer with a lot of knowledge in manufacturing the right texture for gummies that is soft and chewable. Allergen-free and vegan options make it a great option for sellers looking to attract a wider audience. If you’re interested in adding a gummy vitamin product to your line, getting to know good gummy vitamin manufacturers and contacting them directly is a great starting point.