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Investing in Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing [infographic & podcast]

Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing

Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing

Many supplement brands are turning their attention to gut health and its benefits. From probiotics to products that are designed to help cleanse the colon, there has been a marked interest in how healthy intestines can support overall well-being. If you are interested in using these products or want to add gut health products to a current line of supplements you offer as a business owner, you may first want to learn about why so many companies are focusing on their production and how gut health may play a role in preventing certain types of ailments.

Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing

Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing infographic | Ion Labs

A Healthy Gut Can Prevent Digestive Upset

Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing

There are millions of enzymes in your digestive system, and many different factors can affect how they function. From the types of foods you eat to how you are feeling emotionally, these conditions can contribute to digestive upset. Balancing out the bacteria and enzymes in the gut with a gut health supplement can relieve these digestive problems and prevent the sudden and potentially embarrassing onset of symptoms.

The Gut and Brain Are Connected

Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing

If you ever experienced digestive problems during times of great stress or emotional upset, it may not have been a coincidence. Many studies have shown that the gut and brain are closely connected. The way your digestive system functions can be closely tied to your emotions and how you react to stress because of the gut’s enteric nervous system.

The enteric nervous system is vital to gut health because of how it communicates with your brain. Some experts believe it affects hormonal shifts and even changes in behavior because of the enzymes it releases. As such, calming your digestive system with gut health supplements may also soothe your brain and prevent large shifts in emotion that may trigger digestive upset.


A Healthy Diet May Not Be Enough

Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing

A poor diet may contribute to digestive issues, add body fat, and cause an increase in bowel irritation. However, adding more fiber to your diet or cutting out ingredients that may be potentially disruptive to the digestion process, such as lactose, may not be enough to solve these problems. Many companies are looking into gut health supplement manufacturing to add these types of products to their lineup because balancing the good and bad bacteria with a probiotic may offer support to the positive effects of a healthy diet.

One reason a supplement may help counteract the effects of an unbalanced diet is how they deal with high sugar content in the gut. When there are high levels of sugar in the digestive system, they feed your gut’s levels of bad bacteria, which can then multiply and throw off the balance to cause bloating gas and sudden diarrhea. Cutting back on refined sugar, coupled with a daily probiotic, can keep the digestive system running smoothly.


A Probiotic May Ease Chronic Digestive Issues

Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing

Many vitamins and dietary health companies are increasing their gut health supplement manufacturing because of the link between chronic digestive issues and bacterial balance in the body.  While a probiotic supplement may not be a cure-all, it may ease or lessen symptoms. You may want to ask your doctor about which product is best for you and take it under his or her supervision.


Gut Cleanse Supplements Are Gaining Popularity

Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing

Some companies have noticed that consumers are becoming interested in gut cleansing supplements and have added them to their product lineup. Not all these products contain the same ingredients, and the wide variety includes everything from celery seed to papaya to aloe vera. While cleansing can clear the digestive system of bad bacteria, it is important to use these products with caution.


Probiotics Can Boost Exercise Efforts | Gut Health Supplement Manufacturing

Gut Health Supplement ManufacturingGut Health Supplement Manufacturing

Taking a daily probiotic that helps the gut stay healthy and balanced may boost your exercise efforts. When there is an influx of good bacteria in the GI tract, this may keep you energized and stabilize your mood. The more energized you are, the more motivated you may be to dive into your daily workout. A healthy gut supplement may also combat feelings of sluggishness that may be the result of a poor or unbalanced diet.

The creation of gut health supplements may soon increase even more as new and exciting discoveries about the link between the gut and the brain come to light. Whether you are looking for ways to improve your digestive health or want to break into the dietary supplement market, these findings may greatly benefit you.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Effects may vary from individual to individual. If you have an existing medical condition please consult your doctor prior to use.

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