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Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dogs

August 9, 2018
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Hemp Oil for Dogs

Hemp Oil for Dogs

Owning a dog can be one of life’s greatest joys. The unconditional love they provide their owners has been proven to reduce depression, anxiety, and even ease the symptoms of certain mental disorders.

Hemp Oil for Dogs

Hemp Oil for Dogs Contain Chlorophyll

Some dog owners might wonder why their dog eats grass when it is fed a varied diet and may assume the dog does it out of curiosity or boredom. In reality, when a dog eats grass regularly, it could be trying to satisfy its need for a missing nutrient in its body or to help its digestive process. The chlorophyll in grass may satisfy this need; however, the grass is not easily digestible, and the dog usually ends up vomiting.

One of the benefits of hemp oil for dogs is that it contains the chlorophyll some dogs may need to balance their digestion, and it can be easily added to their food. Owners who give their dog this oil may notice that their pet’s desire to eat grass may drop once the right dosage is given.

Hemp Oil for Dogs is Not Psychotropic Drug

Hemp Oil for Dogs


When some dog owners first hear about hemp oil for dogs, they may assume the effects are the same as when a human indulges in marijuana. However, hemp is not a psychotropic drug and does not result in a high for the animal. Hemp does not include Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the element in marijuana that causes the reaction most commonly associated with smoking or consuming grass.

Hemp Oil for Dogs

Hemp Oil for Dogs Does Not Cuase Organ Damage

Dog owners who are looking for a way to treat their pet’s pain, digestive issues, or anxiety may appreciate the lower instance of side effects hemp oil causes. With the proper dosage, the cannabidiol contained in the oil may reduce all of these problems without causing liver, kidney, or intestinal damage. CBD dosage will likely depend on a dog’s size and weight, so it is important for any owner to discuss this with his or her veterinarian before attempting to give a pet hemp oil.

Hemp Oil for Dogs

Hemp Oil for Dogs May Reduce Finicky Eating

Some dogs may be finicky eaters because they have trouble digesting certain foods. This can be especially common in toy breeds. One of the many benefits of hemp oil for dogs is that it can improve the digestive process and quell bowel issues that may lead to finicky eating. The oil may also be useful for older dogs who cannot digest their food as easily as they once could.

Treating canine ailments without causing damaging side effects can be a challenge for any dog owner. However, more owners are turning to hemp oil for dogs as the benefits and lack of side effects become apparent, no matter their breed, size, or temperament.