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May 22, 2019

herbal Supplement Manufacturing

Not all supplements labeled ‘herbal’ are natural. But even more, concerning is their questionable quality and safety for consumption.

Organic, herbal supplements are emerging as a popular alternative for artificial and synthetic supplements. When it comes to dietary supplements, people are naturally drawn towards more natural options. And rightly so, since the closer human beings remain to nature, the better it is for their well-being. But manufacturing herbal supplements is as complicated as any dietary supplement, if not more. Determining the purity, efficacy, and safety of herbal supplements is essential if you’re interested in entering the herbal supplement market. And the only way to ensure that is either manufacturing from scratch on your own, or collaborating with a well-reputed manufacturer like Ion Labs that specializes in herbal supplement manufacturing and enables transparency and traceability.

What are Herbal Supplements?

Herbal supplements are those that come from a plant source. They can be derived from seeds, flowers or any other plant part. They are available in a variety of forms including:

  • Herbal teas
  • Oil
  • Dried leaves
  • Powder
  • Tinctures etc.

Herbal supplements are not meant to be a replacement for meals; instead, they should be considered a means to fulfill gaps that are left despite a healthy, balanced diet.

Anyone interested in herbal supplements should know that the safety requirements for herbal supplement manufacturing are not as strict as medicine manufacturing. The FDA allows herbal supplements to be labeled with certain claims if there’s evidence supporting that. However, FDA monitors those claims and has taken action against numerous manufacturers based on consumer complaints, false claims or safety issues.

What Herbal Supplement Manufacturing Looks Like at Ion Labs

At Ion Labs, our research & development team is committed to drawing unique benefits from plant sources. The nutraceutical products developed and manufactured at Ion Labs are based on the special properties of different parts of all-natural plants. The research & development team comprises of experts that specialize in both dried and fresh forms of herbal supplements.

High-quality supplements can only be obtained through plants that are organically cultivated in optimal environmental conditions. To ensure that the quality control process at Ion Labs starts right from the collection of raw materials.

The state-of-the-art equipment at Ion Labs’ cGMP-certified facility ensures complete control of the extraction process. Only pure, beneficial ingredients are separated from high-quality raw material. Using the latest techniques, the manufacturing team makes sure that the obtained plant extracts are as standardized as possible which is quite difficult when working with natural substances. Using cutting-edge technology, the extraction process is carried out without compromising the integrity of the active ingredients.

Bioavailability is another factor that is very important in herbal supplement manufacturing. In-house research and testing laboratories, at Ion Labs, are committed to discovering techniques and formulations that ensure maximum bioavailability. The herbal supplements are formulated to not only retain the nutrients in all entirety, but also in a way that those nutrients could be absorbed easily by the human body.

The products undergo quality checks at each stage of production. If the quality control detects cross-contamination or compromised quality, the products are instantly discarded. Every unit contains a standardized formulation and meets the label description. Modern environmental controls in the storage facility maintain the efficacy and purity of the herbal products even after the herbal supplement manufacturing process is completed.

Herbal Supplement Manufacturing Options at Ion Labs:

Ion Labs allows businesses to choose either from the extensive list of already available formulas or an entirely new custom-based formulation. Ion Labs delivers a variety of herbal supplement formulas to a number of well-recognized supplement brands across the globe. Based on their requirements, businesses can opt for private label herbal supplement manufacturing by Ion Labs to offer their customers with formulations that are at par with expensive, global brands.

If none of the existing formulas match your needs, or you’re keen on using your own custom formula, Ion Labs’ Research & Development team will gladly work with you to build a product from the ground up.

After agreeing on the formulas, experts at Ion Labs decide the best delivery method based on experience and several other factors.

Packaging and Labelling Options at Ion Labs:

Once the manufacturing process is complete, the herbal supplements are packaged and labeled. Ion Labs boasts an in-house graphics designing team that can work in close collaboration with you to design packaging and labels that truly represent your business vision. Our goal is to come up with a packaging design that sits well with your business and label it in accordance with the FDA label regulations.

From the very beginning to the end, the herbal supplement manufacturing at Ion Labs is focused on delivering products that are safe, deliver results, and keep your customers coming back to you. With Ion Labs, your business will be set to succeed right from the start.

Disclaimer for Ion Labs Herbal Supplement Manufacturing

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Effects may vary between individuals. If you have existing medical conditions please consult your doctor prior to use.

Max Timko