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How Are Vitamins Made?

May 8, 2019
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How Are Vitamins Made

Looking at the past few years, the demand for vitamins and dietary supplements keeps soaring every year. For healthy growth, strength, and development, our bodies require substances called vitamins. Essential vitamins consumed through a regular diet are rarely enough; thus, the body often needs a supplementary source. The vitamin and supplement manufacturing and retail business have become extremely popular because of this rising demand. But the consumers are now more aware than ever. Most of the customers ask their suppliers about thorough information regarding how are vitamins made to make an informed decision. Well, how vitamins are made mainly depends on the target audience and the benefits of the products. Before the manufacturing process begins, this is something that the manufacturer gets a clear understanding of.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about how are vitamins made, this article will help you in getting an overview of the entire vitamin manufacturing process for ensuring high-quality and compliance in 2019.

Research and Development

How Are Vitamins Made
How Are Vitamins Made?

The entire process begins with the research and development team. Especially for a completely new and complex formulation, how are vitamins made depends on the initial research and reports from the R&D. Based on the vitamin formulation, the research and development team first creates a pilot batch. This is imperative for determining high-quality, safety and effectiveness of a product. Creating and testing a pilot batch can take up to a week, but the wait is well worth it since nothing is more important than ensuring a vitamin supplement’s integrity.

Once the research and development team is happy with the formulation and gives it a go ahead, all the information about the particular product, including formulation specifications and testing requirements, is documented in the product’s profile. At Ion Labs, customers are always welcome to request the product’s profile should they feel concerned or intrigued about its formulation. The product profile is then sent off to the production department for them to create the first batch.


How Are Vitamins Made?
How Are Vitamins Made?

After receiving a go ahead, the production team comes up with a date to begin manufacturing based on the availability of raw materials, ingredients, machinery, and other resources. The purchasing department is informed about the manufacturing date so they can ensure the availability of raw material, packaging supplies and fulfill other requirements ahead of the manufacturing date. The type of formulation- for example, powders, tablets, liquids, etc.- also dictates how are vitamins made.

Once the raw materials are purchased, the in-house Quality Control team gets to work. It inspects everything, from ingredients to packaging materials, based on the highest quality standards. At Ion Labs, the raw materials are stored in a state-of-the-art storage facility with modern surveillance and environmental controls to protect their efficacy and maintain quality until the production date arrives. Once the date approaches, the raw material is sent to an up-to-date, cGMP-certified processing facility where cutting-edge equipment is carefully administered to convert it into vitamin supplements.

Quality Control

How Are Vitamins Made?
How Are Vitamins Made?

The Quality Control at Ion Labs actively participates in all stages of production. At each step of the vitamin manufacturing process, tests are carried out to ensure that no contamination has occurred. At the end of the process, once again, the product is tested for its effectiveness so that it meets the claims made on the label.

Once approved by the Quality Control team, the product is carefully packaged to avoid contamination during storage and transit. To put the customer’s mind at ease, a COA or Certificate of Analysis is sent out along with the batch shipment for the record.

Kowing How are Vitamins Made is Important

If you’re looking into starting a vitamins business, you will need to choose a manufacturer that understands your business vision and is open about the manufacturing process. As a supplier, it is your right to know how are vitamins made. A manufacturer that is not willing to be transparent about the ingredients, manufacturing, and storage should not be trusted for formulating something that will eventually be consumed by the people. An FDA-approved and cGMP certified manufacturer, like Ion Labs, will always welcome potential customers to visit their facilities and will welcome any queries and suggestions coming from them. Transparency lies at the heart of a quality first approach towards manufacturing in 2019.

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