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Ion Labs Press Kit

September 22, 2015



Ion Labs, Inc. is committed to providing only the safest, highest quality products to our customers. Ion Labs, Inc. has worked to accomplish this through cGMP compliance, strong attention to detail and adherence to all relevant regulatory requirements. From Product Development to Manufacturing to Testing to Release, Ion Labs, Inc.’s systems are built to ensure compliance by design, not by inspection.


Ion Labs, Inc. has been providing new and existing clients with the highest quality products in nutrition and health supplement manufacturing since 1983. Ion Labs, Inc. is an FDA-registered, NSF GMP certified white label dietary supplement, vitamin, OTC liquids, pet products, and skincare product manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We offer international shipping and proofs of all necessary permits, credentials, and certifications for all contract manufacturing requirements.

Ion Labs, Inc. services include:

* Raw Material Sourcing

* Raw Material Analysis

* Custom Formulations

* Capsules

* Tablets (coated and uncoated)

* Powders

* Liquids

* Pilot Size Batching

* Finished Packaging (bottles, blisters, sample packets)

* Bulk Packaging

* Specialty Packaging

* Export Certificates

* R&D Consultation

Ion Labs, Inc. is proudly approved/registered with the following organizations:

* Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Registered since 1983

* Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Certified by NSF International

* Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs

* Rated “Excellent” for a Costco Food Safety and Quality GMP Audit

* Health Canada Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) Granted Foreign Site Reference Number (FSRN)

Ion Labs, Inc. supplements can be found in many stores including Walmart, Walgreens, Costco, and GNC.

Ion Labs, Inc.’s streamlined service provides a full circle process that utilizes the following stages for every order:

* Account Management

* Comprehensive Research & Development

* Lab Analytical and Microbiological Testing

* Quality Control & Inspection

* Operations & Production

* Packing and Logistics

* Shipping and Handling

* Tracking and Delivery

Ion Labs, Inc. applies a high standard of compliance, superior grade products, and great attention to detail to every contract manufactured supplement in our production. Our commitment to being the best private label supplement manufacturer on the market is cemented by our unwavering desire for excellence. Every supplement is manufactured in compliance with a rigorous set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) in order to meet their company’s “Quality First” protocol.

Ion Labs, Inc. is proud to be one the best private label supplement manufacturers in the world. With our turnkey solutions, technology-centric facility, and skilled staff, we are able to create a safe, high quality product.

Full Service Supplement Manufacturing

Ion Labs, Inc. is customer-focused and make sure goals are met in order to exceed buyer expectations.


Ion Labs, Inc. is staffed with some of the most experienced Research and Development personnel in the industry with substantial formulation expertise. The R&D team oversees the tech-transfer of new products from formulation through to full scale production and trouble shoots production issues.

The R&D team also works closely with the Sales team to provide existing and prospective customers advice on formulas to help optimize customer satisfaction with the finished product.


Ion Labs, Inc.’s Quality Control department ensures compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). They also inspect and closely monitor all stages of the production process and the accuracy and completeness of the comprehensive batch production records. Document control specialists are part of the Quality Control department and maintain control over all official documentation including SOP’s, batch records, and all required data logs.

The QC Lab manages testing of all raw materials, finished products and stability in the fully equipped in-house lab.


Ion Labs, Inc. has over 200 active white label manufacturing products (includes generic & premium formulas) that are available for production on-demand.

Ion Labs, Inc. has created an all-inclusive price strategy encompassing the following services:

* R&D formulation with overages incorporated in all formulas

* Full formula/product documentation including master batch records

* Raw material sourcing and full testing

* Product manufacturing including comprehensive Quality inspections and in-process checks/testing

* Comprehensive finished product release testing

* Two year shelf life with full stability testing

* Certificate of Analysis with shipment

* Master case packaging and labeling


The Ion Labs, Inc. Research & Development team has substantial expertise to develop any formula, whether from concept or enhancing existing formulas. A fully equipped R&D Lab provides for a range of activities from simple formula analysis to full scale pilot batches.


Sourcing the highest quality material is the first step in building a quality product. To ensure quality every step of the way, Ion Labs, Inc. works with only with qualified raw material and packaging providers. The Ion Labs, Inc. purchasing team scours the globe for the highest quality, purest and most stable ingredients available.


Ion Labs, Inc. has a state of the art analytical laboratory and custom-built facility that offers over twenty-five different production rooms to meet the industry standards for Dietary Supplements, Sports Nutrition Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals, OTC Liquids, Pet Product, and Skincare Products for new and existing fulfillment.

Ion Labs, Inc.’s laboratory operation provides the following materials:

* Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer

– Analyzes heavy metals and minerals

* (4)HPLCs with photodiode array detectors

– Analytical testing and spectral identification

* Single Quadrupole Mass Spectroscopy

– Botanical fingerprinting and chemical identification by mass

* Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

– Infrared fingerprinting of raw materials and finished products

* Disintegration

– Finished product testing

* Dissolution

– Finished product dissolution testing

* Vacuum Oven and Moisture Analyzer

– Testing loss on drying in raw materials

* Microbial Suite

– Testing of common bacterial contamination in finished product & raw materials

* Micro scales

– Analytical weighting

* Microscopy

– Raw material identification

* TLC Plate reader

– Identification by thin-layer chromatography

* UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

– Colorimetric Assays


Ion Labs, Inc.’s manufacturing operation provides the following equipment:

* Blending

– Four blending machines ranging from: 6-100 cubic ft.

– Capacity ranges from 50g-1800kg.

* Tableting

– Six high quality tablet presses that support a wide range of geometry and sizes

– Able to produce over five million tablets daily

* Encapsulation

– Seven encapsulation machines, each able to produce over seven million capsules a day

– Sizes range from #00-#1

– Over 150 million capsules produced monthly

* Coating

– Four coating machines that provides a wide range of coating options

– Mac