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Working with a Liquid Supplement Manufacturer

Working with a Liquid Supplement Manufacturer
Working with a Liquid Supplement Manufacturer

Vitamins and supplements are available in a number of delivery forms depending on the supplement type, its ingredients, dosage amount and ease of use. Liquid supplements are one of the popular supplement types available in the market today. Within the liquid supplements category, there are quite a few types of liquid-based supplements available in the marketplace. Before we discuss the nitty-gritty of working with a liquid supplement manufacturer, let’s first dive into the popular types of liquid-based supplements that you can choose from.

Types of Liquid Supplements

1.   Tinctures

Tinctures are small glass or plastic bottles that come with a glass pipette that can be used to draw liquid from the bottles. Tinctures are a popular choice for liquids as they can be used for liquids of all viscosities. Liquid supplement manufacturers generally use tinctures for herbal oil supplements.

A herbal tincture may be extracted from one or many different types of herbs and plants. It is quite interesting to know that different parts of the same plants can yield different extracts with a variety of benefits.

2.   Liquid Capsules

Liquid capsules are great for enhanced bioavailability of the nutrients. The digestive system can digest the supplements quicker and they are also easily absorbed into the bloodstream to yield quick results.   liquid capsules have such high bioavailability, they can be consumed in rather smaller dosages.

Additionally, liquid capsules are also popular due to their convenience of use, and because they can mask the bad taste and odor of various supplements. Liquid supplement manufacturers may offer a variety of liquid capsule shapes and sizes depending on your personal preference and the required supplement dosage. Once purged with nitrogen, liquid capsules are ideal for liquid supplements that must be completely kept away from oxygen.

3.   Liquid Sachets

Sachets are permeable packets that are sealed at the top. Sachets may be used to separate the daily dose of different capsules and tablets. Sachets also present a great opportunity for business owners to display their branding.

Sachets are well-known for their ease of use, portability and accurate dosage. Sachets are also great for keeping the internal contents completely safe from the external environmental factors.

4.   Single-dose liquid tubes

Working with a Liquid Supplement Manufacturer
Working with a Liquid Supplement Manufacturer

Single-dose liquid tubes are actually small plastic vials that contain a single dose of a liquid supplement or an OTC drug. Single-dose liquid tubes are great for controlling the dosage and delivering an exact amount of the supplement dose. They are also efficient in keeping the internal contents safe from the environment.

Choosing a Liquid Supplement Manufacturer

Working with a Liquid Supplement Manufacturer
Working with a Liquid Supplement Manufacturer

To ensure the quality and safety of your liquid supplements, it is important that you choose a liquid supplement manufacturer that is approved by the FDA. FDA registered facility also ensures that, in the longer run, your supplements will not have to be called off or face any serious consequences should the FDA carry out any inspections. Another thing to look for is a cGMP certification. This certification ensures that your liquid supplement manufacturer uses only state-of-the-art, well-maintained equipment.

Once you have checked these basics off your checklist, it’s time to inquire about manufacturing capabilities, packaging options and peripheral services that your manufacturer provides. For instance, Ion Labs has an FDA-registered and cGMP-certifies facility that can produce 1.5 million capsules every day. You may not require to manufacture supplements in such volumes, to begin with. However, choosing a liquid supplement manufacturer with this much capacity will ensure that your manufacturer will be in a position to match your growing business needs when your business starts expanding. You must also discuss vegan and non-allergen supplement options with your manufacturer. Finally, ask your potential manufacturer to walk you through their research, manufacturing and quality control processes. Having a manufacturer with in-house Quality Control and Research & Development teams ensures that each batch meets the quality and safety standards along with all the necessary regulations. It also means that your products will meet your expectations, requirements and consumers’ needs.