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Manufacturing Custom Herbal Supplements for Global Brands

Manufacturing Custom Herbal Supplements for Global Brands

To be part of a dietary supplement industry, it is required that you take time to learn the major federal regulations that play a great role in monitoring the supplement industry. Or, you can trust an FDA registered contract manufacturer like Ion Labs.

First, what are custom supplements?

Create Your Own Supplement Working with Ion Labs

The process of creating a completely new supplement based on specific ingredients, or creating a variation of an existing supplement formula is called a custom supplement or custom formulation. Custom supplements should be as unique as your brand, and it is very necessary that this process must be handled by professionals. There are many supplement companies which are now manufacturing Custom herbal supplements to meet the demand that is currently booming in the industry.

Ion Labs takes pride in making the best custom herbal supplements and making sure that quality is never compromised.

Ion Labs is the best contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, OTCs, pet supplements, and skin care products in the United States of America. The process of manufacturing custom herbal supplements at Ion Labs includes:

Fulfillment Warehouse Services

Quality at Every Step | Fulfillment Warehouse Services

All raw and packaging material is stored in our climate controlled warehouse which is cGMP Certified by NSF. The raw materials are sourced from around the globe to create the best possible supplement formulation.

How Cosmetic Laboratories Make a Difference in Skin Care Manufacturing?

At Ion Labs, they provide a wide range of blenders and mixing tank which help fulfill customer requirements.


Ion Labs has 8 double & triple head encapsulation machines (which produce 8 million capsules per shift) and 6 liquid encapsulation machines; capable of manufacturing liquid capsules, capsule-in-capsule (with bands), & beadlet capsules.

These machines are designed to provide quality supplements to their customers. Each supplement whether it is custom sports supplement, pet supplement or a custom herbal supplement are manufactured with a quality first mindset. They make sure they provide their customers with the best lead times in the industry. Constantly innovating and always evolving dynamically.


Ion Labs has seven high-speed tablet presses supporting a wide range of tablet shapes and sizes. The process of manufacturing custom herbal supplements also includes coating, packaging, and quality control. To improve the appearance and enhance the functionality, Ion Labs coats their supplements with our high-tech coating machines. Ion Labs is committed to superior quality and safety.