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Manufacturing Kosher Vitamins in the USA

November 20, 2018
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Manufacturing Kosher Vitamins in the USA

Looking for a Kosher Vitamins manufacturer but not sure where to start? Many businesses tend to dismiss the difficulty of working with a supplement manufacturer that has acquired a kosher vitamins certification. Supplement manufacturers that have a kosher certification have gone above and beyond to provide products that are the highest quality to their customers. A kosher certification is a big way to show the results of a proper manufacturing operation.

In order for a supplement manufacturer to receive a kosher certification, they must be put through a tough, multi-day inspection and verification process that can generally take months before final approval is granted.

The raw materials/ingredients and completed supplements/vitamins that your manufacturer may use to make your products should be approved by a proper Kosher certification program.  The vitamins made by kosher approved manufacturers can then be called Kosher Vitamins.

Manufacturing Kosher Vitamins in the USA

Manufacturing Kosher Vitamins in the USA

There are many factors that need to be considered that determine the approval of a Kosher certification for a supplement manufacturer:

  • Location of manufacturing and packaging facilities
  • How the dedicated product production facility is coordinated/operated
  • The ingredients and suppliers that are used for manufacturing your products
  • The processes used to make your products from start to finish
Manufacturing Kosher Vitamins in the USA

Manufacturing Kosher Vitamins in the USA

A Kosher Certified manufacturer focuses on creating vitamins and supplements for your brand, this, in the long run, can get your product listed in more retail locations and lead to greater product advantages. Kosher certification, for example, is a very big deal if you are trying to get your products into major retail chain stores and nation-wide supermarkets.

Kosher Vitamins are made in a kosher certified manufacturing facility.

Due to increasing demand for kosher vitamins and foods, the market of Kosher products has been expanding for years. The reason is that kosher certification is considered a very high-quality symbol of approval. This is all due to how difficult and tedious the certification process can be for supplement manufactures that apply.

According to a Quartz report in 2015, although only 2% of the population of the US identify as Jewish, over 40% of food and drinks packages were labeled as kosher in 2014. Based on these figures, you can get an idea of how the demand for Kosher products has been increasing over the years. It is always a great opportunity for businesses to follow a growing trend and to help meet industry as well as consumer demand.

Manufacturing Kosher Vitamins in the USA

Manufacturing Kosher Vitamins in the USA

Ion Labs takes pride in being a kosher certified manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in custom supplement manufacturing.

Ion Labs is currently a registered Kosher manufacturer with EarthKosher. EarthKosher provides Kosher certification to over 450+ companies in 25+ countries and growing. EarthKosher was founded in 2004 with the vision of assisting companies to become Kosher certified in an affordable and accepted manner. Our core values include an absolute commitment to straightforward business practices, compassion for small businesses, and specialization in the natural products industry.

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