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50 Ways to Boost Business After You Hire a Nutraceutical Manufacturer [Podcast]

50 Ways to Position Your Business After You Hire a Nutraceutical Manufacturer [Podcast]

50 Ways to Boost Business After You Hire a Nutraceutical Manufacturer [Podcast]

Nutraceutical manufacturer Ion Labs works with the largest globally recognized brands in the world. When it comes to choosing supplement manufacturing, pet supplement manufacturing, OTC Drug manufacturing, and skin care manufacturing there are not many other places to turn when looking for quality products other than Ion Labs. Managing and growing are crucial to developing a sustainable business. Customer retention resembles how well a company treats its customers over a period of time, with the expectation that quality of the service and products will be at the same standard as time goes on.  Repeat customers are the most important but often overlooked. Repeat customers feel a sense of loyalty, and comfort with the quality of their experience with your business. After you hire Ion Labs as your nutraceutical manufacturer to make sure your product is in good manufacturing hands use the following strategies to improve your business.

  1. Chat Services or Contact Forms on Website

Online chat features give potential customers the access to immediate help. A chat service is more convenient than waiting on the phone for a customer service representative, potentially losing the interest of your potential customer and ultimately the sale. Utilizing a chat service will allow for questions and concerned to be answered almost immediately, thus eliminating any doubt about your product.


  1. Social Media Engagement
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Social Media Engagement

Engaging with your customers on social media is one way you can acknowledge your customers. This shows them that they’re appreciated and also this can help to build a relationship with your business.


  1. Make it Personal

Everyone loves to hear their name and it is a great way to increase customer retention. There are many ways to personalize communications such as emails with custom content, live chat on your website. Customizing communications with your customers will allow you to communicate clearly to understand and meet their specific needs.


  1. Reward Customers
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Reward Customers

Whether you are giving incentives to customers for completing surveys, or giving away something to your most profitable customers, rewarding your customers is a great way to make them feel special and will encourage them to buy again.


  1. Quality Over Speed

Never compromise speed for quality. This goes for the quality of your products, but also the quality of customer service. Your business is more likely to increase customer retention if your customers know they are getting the best product or service in the market. Sure, speed and efficiency is a factor, but top quality is their biggest priority. As a nutraceutical manufacturer, Ion Labs focuses on meeting deadlines but has a quality first approach to all clients and projects.


  1. Special Offers
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Special Offers

Special offers can be a great way to reconnect with ide customers, or even enhance relationships with customers. Send out special offers or birthday offers to motivate customers and improve their appreciation of your business.


  1. Utilize Customer Accounts

Customers love learning that you know about them. You add personalization, and they entrust their business to you. Customers view their experiences in a more positive light when they don’t feel ignored or rushed. Discover key customer traits for each customer and find a solution that works for them, and ultimately your business as well.


  1. Reduce Customer Efforts
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Reduce Customer Efforts

Exceptional customer service doesn’t result from extravagant gestures of going above and beyond. Increasing customer retention and loyalty can come from the ease of solving a problem that your customers might be facing. Focus on meeting customers’ expectations before exceeding them.


  1. Onboarding

When your customers go through a sign-up process, there’s nothing worse than simply dropping them into their account with no guide as to how to use their account. This is a huge disservice to customers and your business. Create a simple onboarding flow that teaches your customers how to navigate successfully through their account with ease. At Ion Labs, the second you decide to use them as a nutraceutical manufacturer they set your business up with an account manager to begin onboarding.


  1. Superstar Employees
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Superstar Employees | Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Aside from your customers, your employees are one of your biggest assets. Employee’s performance will affect how customers view your business. How your employees view their job will have a huge impact on how they treat your customers. Placing a high value on your employees through training, incentives, and other morale-boosting tactics will make for engaged and passionate employees who are just as passionate about the business as you are.


  1. Customer Service Recovery (HEARD)

No matter how great your business is, things happen and sometimes customers end up unhappy. Whether the business is at fault or not, it’s in your best interest to do right by your customers. The Walt Disney Company uses an acronym known as HEARD. As a company who brings in over 135 million people into their parks every year, they are the pros at resolving a conflict. Below is the HEARD acronym explained so that you may implement into your customer service efforts.

Hear– Allowing customers to be heard without any interruptions.

Empathize– Relate to your customer.

Apologize– Sincere apologies go a long way even if it’s not directly your fault. Even apologizing for the way, the customer feels is beneficial to the situation.

Resolve– Make things right, or make sure your employees have the power to do so.

Diagnose– Without blaming anyone, try to get to the root of why this mistake occurred. Focus on fixing the problem so that this doesn’t happen in the future.


  1. Testimonials and Case Studies
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Testimonials & Case Studies

Testimonials are a part of storytelling, and storytelling is a great way to market. Stories told by other customers bring a real-life insight as to how beneficial a service or product can be. Case studies or customer stories highlight your service or product in a positive light and in a way, that existing and prospective customers can relate with.


  1. Encourage Customer Feedback

Customers want to be heard. This shows them that their voice matters and that make them feel valued. To improve numbers for customer feedback, try incentivizing your customers for their feedback. This could be a coupon, or a chance to win something bigger. As a nutraceutical manufacturer, Ion Labs works with clients requesting custom supplements to create the exact product they desire.


  1. Listen and Grow from Feedback
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Listen & Grow from Feedback

Another way to increase customer retention is by showing your customers that they are your top priority. As a business, you are always looking for ways to improve and what better advice than from your customers themselves! Try creating polls or surveys of new ideas your business has been thinking about, and allow your customers to provide their feedback and even give new suggestions. This will show that you value them and appreciate their advice.


  1. CRM Software

The purpose of using CRM software is to build relationships with your customers. CRM software provides you with the tools to track, monitor, and communicate with your customer’s and their activities.


  1. Educate Customers Through Blogs
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Educate Customers Through Blogs

As been proven time and time again, customers appreciate and even enjoy receiving recommendations on new information that could help them achieve better results. In doing this you’re expressing your expertise on the matter, while also helping your customers. These gains trust and could potentially increase customer retention. Ion Labs posts a lot of blog articles to educate businesses on how important it is choosing the right nutraceutical manufacturer.


  1. Grow Trust = Build Relationships

When looking to build trust, utilizing customer behavior data can have an enormous impact when selling the value of your product. When your customers feel you know them, they will accept your recommendations. Having authentic conversations about their needs and will result in trust, and thus solidify your customers’ loyalty to your business. From a structural standpoint, empower your customers by finding out their weak points, and finding a solution to fix it. Business wise, identify opportunities that will allow both you and your customer to build off each other for mutual success.


  1. Make Paying Easy
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Make Paying Easy

Customers can be temperamental and whether they think there’s a better deal elsewhere, or even if the checkout process is too tedious, they won’t buy. If you want to increase customer retention, make sure your checkout process is a short and easy process. If your products or services allow for it, consider a payment plan. There are solutions that take the burden off of customers who are sitting and thinking, and potentially doubting what they’re buying.


  1. Build Customer Dependency

Building customer dependency can be done in three ways: emotional, structural, business. You can increase customer retention by causing your customers to feel dependent on your business. Emotionally, you want to understand exactly what your customer wants and customize as much as possible.


  1. Set Expectations
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Set Expectations

Oftentimes companies fail because they make unrealistic promises to their customers. In order to avoid this, get to know your customer in order to know what is specifically important to them, and work to use these points to set realistic expectations. Meeting expectations for your customers causes them to feel empowered and motivated to buy again.


  1. Speed up Response Time

Response time weighs heavily on the channels you utilize for customer service response and the quality of our customer service team. Using email to correspond with existing or prospective customers might be considered a passive way to resolve inquiries about what you’re selling, compared to a live chat. Think about what communication channels your customers use most, and implement those channels into your services.


  1. Show Customers What You Care About
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Show Customers What You Care About

Customers buy from a business when they feel like they can relate to them. One of the first ways you can make a real connection with your customer is by creating a mission of your company’s goals and the foundations in which they function.


  1. Become a Leader in Trends

No one wants to buy from a business that is simply doing the bare minimum in following trends. If you want to increase your customer retention, you need to give your customers something enticing that will make them want to stay. Being a leader in market trends tells customers you are always looking for ways to innovate and grow, which customers can appreciate. As a nutraceutical manufacturer, Ion Labs will provide a list and hot industry products that businesses may want to add to their already dynamic product catalog.


  1. Show your Expertise through eBooks
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | eBooks

In order to increase customer retention, your customers need to feel that your business the expert in the industry. eBooks are used as guides to educate prospective and existing customers on various topics that coincide with the industry of the business. Each eBook is targeted to educate on various topics, and include actionable steps one can take to solve a problem.


  1. Consistency is Key

There’s nothing worse than hearing your customers have had varying experiences with your business of products. If your business standards are inconsistent, then your customer base will be as well. In order to increase customer retention, businesses need to be consistent in their sales lifecycle. Customers want to have the same great experience every single time they visit your site, store, or customer service.


  1. Gain Trust
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Gain Trust

Whether you can gain a prospective customers trust or not, is the difference between a repeat customer, and no customer at all. While gaining a prospective customers trust is a very delicate process, remember to always be honest with them. Customers can see right through those forced sales scripts. Be genuine in talking to them, and get to them in order to find the right solution that will be right for them.


  1. Improve KPI’s through Customer Service

Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s is a value that determines how effectively a business is achieving key objectives. Measuring KPI’s through customer satisfaction is a great way to discover, and rectify problems in customer service. As a result, customers are gaining a more meaningful and useful experience, improving the chance for retention.


  1. Create Customer Communication Calendar
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Communication Calendar

Using a communication calendar makes it easy to keep in touch with your customers at regular intervals. The calendar facilitates sequenced events such as phone calls, newsletters, and special offers, just to name a few, which are executed through automated software. Communication calendars increase engagement with customers with minimal effort to you the business and are essential for pre-sales, sales, and post sales. Frequent communication invokes a feeling of appreciation in the customer since you’re keeping them informed on what your business is up to.


  1. Measure Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Your customers are one of your biggest assets. CLV is an important performance tool that can show you the worth of each of your customers based on their purchase history over a period of time, in order to predict purchasing in the future. As you well know some customers have added more value than others. The value you predict on your customers can help project revenue, and potentially determine a budget for marketing content.


  1. Learn from Customer Complaints
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Learn from Customer Complaints

This might come to a surprise, but complaining customers are one of your greatest marketing assets. Through complaints, you receive insight as to how your customers view your products in a very real way. Complaints uncover what your business could improve on and what are aspects you’re excelling in.


  1. Create a Community

Customers want to connect and engage with other customers. When customers see the real-life benefits, solutions and even ask questions to other customers, this can come back around to your business. Word of mouth is a huge tactic in increasing customer retention, and setting up a discussion board or a forum can create a sense of community within your customer base, and could encourage customers to keep buying.


  1. Address Complaints in a Timely Manner
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Address Complaints

The quality of customer services relies on how quickly a problem can be resolved. If you are too busy to attend to your customer’s complaints because you are busy chasing leads, your business will fail. Make customer inquiries a top priority, so that you can be sure you are retaining customers instead of losing them to our competitors.


  1. Use Unbiased Reviews

New customers reading reviews quickly get an idea of your product and your brand and they’ll see themselves using it too. This inspires customers to buy, it builds trust with your brand, and they can see real benefits of your product.


  1. Budget for Retention Marketing
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Budget for Retention Marketing

Retaining existing customers is just as important as acquiring new customers, but increasing customer retention comes at lower marketing costs than customer acquisition. Keeping your existing customers on their toes and wanting your business needs to allocate a budget specifically targeted for those existing customers.


  1. Host an Event

Hosting an event boosts interest for your customers, and is highly beneficial. There are numerous types of events you can host depending on what type of business you run. Online businesses can have give-away events, Q&A hours, and special sales. Brick and Mortar stores can host guest lectures and product unveilings. All of these and more are all great events that should be open only to existing customers or customers who have a certain customer lifetime value (CLV). That way you’ve turned the event into a customer retention tactic.


  1. Apply The “Freemium” Model

Like Dropbox, Skype and streaming services like Netflix, they all offer a free version or free trial of their service to determine whether or not customers find the product or service beneficial. The freemium model could help convert users into paying customers by allowing prospective customers to use your product or service for free for either a limited time or with limited features. Allowing your customers to try your service or product could encourage them to actually buy the full product of full version of the service.


  1. Gameification

Offering games for customers to earn incentives is a great way to increase customer retention. Allowing customers to log into their account to play games and earn points that convert into coupons or other incentives, is a fun and exciting way to keep customer active.



  1. Create divide between you and competitors
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Create A Divide Between You and Competitors

Increasing customer retention means your customers are choosing your business over your competitor. Create new ways to top your competitor in other ways than competitive prices. Think about services, features, and resources. As a nutraceutical manufacturer, Ion Labs created new ways and strategies to provide better incentives and services than their competitors.


  1. Subscriptions and Loyalty Programs

Rewarding customers for their loyalty is a sure way to increase customer retention. There is a copious amount of ways to reward your customers. You can base rewards from joining loyalty programs that might earn customers points for every dollar they spend with you. Or customers can earn incentives from the frequency of purchases, or referral of new customers.


  1. Reduce Attrition
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Reduce Attrition

Let’s face it, every business has lost customers at one point or another. Businesses invest an immense amount in attaining the first sale, but once that sale is made some businesses let the relationship fall by the wayside. One of the easiest ways to increase customer retention is to measure and target inactive customers to encourage them to become active again. Rekindling the relationship of past customers forms a foundation in order to build a customer base that costs much less than marketing for first-time buyers.


  1. Keep Selling
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Keep Selling

Once you’ve sealed the deal, congrats! But the sale isn’t over yet. In fact, forget about making the sale, and focus on the person. Focus on their continuing needs and you’ll always increase customer retention.


  1. Win Back Inactive Customers

Just because a customer has become complacent and inactive, doesn’t make they’re at the point of no return. Communication is key! Re-contact them, and remind them your business still values them. Depending on why they left, you could win them back by offering an incentive, send personalized communications, or remind customers of the value of your business by explaining your value.


  1. Reduce Friction

Frugal spenders could be a big chunk of your customers. These are people who are conservative, who don’t make impulsive purchases, and they want to know that they’re getting the best deal. In order to encourage these customers, reducing pain points or friction is one way to seal the deal.  Try reframing potential key phrases that might become a pain point for your customers. (Example: Change, “$10 fee” to “a small $10 fee.”)


  1. Ride Products Momentum
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Ride Products Momentum

When exciting launches or improvements are being made, the excitement is being felt company-wide, and your customers want to feel it too! Ensure your customers feel product momentum by creating excitement by featuring the latest and greatest accomplishments. A nutraceutical manufacturer worth their merit will know which products as considered ‘hot’ in the industry. Consult your sales repetitive to learn more about what is out there and performing well in sales.


  1. Choose the Right Platform

Utilizing the appropriate channels to get through to your customers is an essential tactic when focusing on increasing customer retention. Whether your targeting customer service or engagement, choosing the proper channels that make the most sense for your business are crucial for positive experiences.


  1. Invest in Distribution
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Invest i Distribution

It doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one sees it. Investing in optimizing content for SEO, or even sending content to relevant bloggers, is essential for creating traffic onto your website. Learn what your most used marketing channels are and then use those to leverage the paid and even free way to get your content out to prospective customers.


  1. Use Keywords Customers Love to Hear

Certain words encourage and motivate customers to buy because they think they’re getting a special deal. Some of these words include: instantly, free, and new. These keywords and the promises they might imply are highly influential when working to increase customer retention.


  1. Solve a Problem for Your Customer
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Solve a Problem

In order for your business to solve a problem for your customer, you need to know them. After learning about them, and understanding how they buy, you are able to potentially make their life easier from various solutions that your business offers.


  1. Pick Up the Phone

Anyone can send a personalized email, but the real effort comes in picking up the phone and calling your customers. This turns that personalized email into a foundation for a relationship that you can build with your customer. It is the ultimate way to personalize and to gain trust with your customers, so they keep coming back, and you can keep increasing customer retention.


  1. Align Calls-To-Action with Inbound Keywords
Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Nutraceutical Manufacturer | Call to Action Keywords

Calls-to-action add an immense amount of value to any page or feature. Look at your analytics overview to help you to determine which words and phrases are driving traffic to your site. Next personalize your page with these phrases with actionable content to increase traffic, sales, and customer retention.

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