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Powder Supplement Contract Manufacturing

Powder Supplement Contract Manufacturing

About Powder Supplement Contract Manufacturing

At Ion Labs, we know the importance of taste when it comes to powder supplements. We can go beyond the standard flavors like chocolate or vanilla and work with you to find a flavor that will make your product stand out. We have a number of stock formulations and flavors available to choose from, or our Research & Development team can collaborate with you to compose ingredient formulations that will meet your customer’s nutritional needs and expectations. Powder types may include sports nutrition, whey proteins, plant proteins, weight loss aids, green powders, and more.


Powder Supplement Contract Manufacturing Attributes

Some advantages to powder form include its ability to provide a larger dose than with capsules or tablets, its easy absorption, and its non-required disintegration. Some other benefits to consumers include their ability to easily vary the dosage and the ease of taking them compared to other forms.


Powder Supplement Contract Manufacturing Process

Each batch’s ingredients are evenly and thoroughly blended. From the right type of packaging to the right color and flavor for your powder supplement, our experienced team members can help from step A to Z. Each powder supplement product at Ion Labs is manufactured with a vigilant attention to quality, going through an extensive product testing process by our in-house Quality Control and Research & Development teams. This ensures each batch meets quality and safety standards, regulations, product requirements, and customer needs.