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February 7, 2018

2020 Private Label Supplement Pricing List 



Ion Labs acts as an integrated manufacturer to Ion Fulfillment. Ion Fulfillment provides a large selection of private label supplements. Private label supplements are simply dietary supplements, vitamins and nutraceuticals marketed/sold by another brand or company.

As well as private label supplement pricing list for SKUs, packaging inserts, chrome bottles (upgrade), standard & premium labels, and upgraded shipping boxes. Our team will be in immediate contact with you to discuss your inquiry on private label supplements.


Fill out our form below to get a copy of our private label supplements stock list that provides pricing for prepaid and on-demand options.


Private Label Supplements Manufacturing
Private Label Supplements Manufacturing
Private Label Supplements 2020

Private Label Supplements 2020

Private Label Supplements 2020

Private Label Supplements 2020



There are many opportunities in private label supplements. Whether you are interested in starting a line in skin care, sports nutrition, weight management, or Nutraceuticals. Private label supplements allow you to offer a stock, recognized product to your clients with the flexibility to set your own prices. This offers the ability to protect your margins while simultaneously increasing sales and profits.

  •       Saves time, money, and energy
  •       Gain credibility and loyalty from consumers
  •       Offer lower costs with higher margins
  •       Enhance your image and expand your product range
  •       Ability to tailor packaging and labels to meet your specifications
  •       Opportunity to grow your business over time
  •       Offer high-quality formulations
  •       Expand your product line regularly

Game-changing Industry Collaboration

A growing number of established business owners
are interested in making dietary supplements a part of their daily routine to
encourage better health. This increase in demand has pushed several companies
and new businesses to dive into the market space. Private label supplements are
a great alternative for businesses that want to venture into the supplement
market without a huge investment, preliminary research, etc.  Ion Labs takes care of the in stock products and
fulfillment/warehousing on a business’s behalf while the product label bears a
company’s brand name and logo.

As stated, Ion Fulfillment provides global fulfillment
services and sells private label supplement that have been manufactured at Ion Labs.
This partnership makes for a vertically integrated operation that provides fast
turn-around times and a wide range of capabilities.  These services eliminate the need for storage
and save businesses from the hassle of order processing and shipment.


Private Label Supplement Manufacturing
& Quality Control

When opting for private label supplement manufacturing, it is important to choose the right manufacturer because it is your brand’s reputation that is at stake. Ion Lab’s manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and inventory systems. Our quality control becomes active way before the manufacturing process begins. The raw material and ingredients collected for private label supplement manufacturing undergo quality checks to ensure maximum purity. The facility itself is FDA-approved and cGMP certified which speaks volumes about the quality of its products and the strict processes that are followed. Ion Labs has a dedicated quality control team and in-house testing laboratories to detect any contamination and ensure high quality. Another important point to consider is that Ion Labs is fully equipped for handling large batch orders should your business undergo a sudden expansion. So, you never have to leave your customers disappointed no matter how busy it gets. Ion Labs’ integration with Ion Fulfillment allows businesses to sell the highest quality private label supplements on the market.


Fulfillment Process

Should you choose to leverage fulfillment
services in addition to private label supplement purchasing, Ion fulfillment
has a warehouse facility with modern climate controls and built-in security
cameras. The entire process, from private label supplement manufacturing to storage
and shipment, is in-line with industry standards and ensures that the final
product maintains its efficacy and purity throughout the supply chain.


Moving Forward with Private Label

Choosing the right partner for private label
supplement manufacturing and fulfillment is crucial for creating a reputable
name in a highly competitive market. Customers are now, more than ever,
conscious about what they are consuming, and any negligence in manufacturing,
storing or shipping private label supplements can result in grave consequences.
Therefore, it is advisable to always invest in a trustworthy and reliable source
for manufacturing and fulfillment.