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Product Formulation Process

July 2, 2018

Here at Ion Labs, we have an easy to understand product formulation process. Our goal is to make sure you have a no-hassle ordering experience when you decide to put your trust and your product’s future in our hands. Let’s take a walk through just what you will experience when you choose Ion Labs.

Initially, when you reach out to one of our reputable sales representatives, they will inquire about your product in full detail and create a “product development form”. This form will contain all of the aspects of your potential product including supplement size, type, color, packaging, label specs, and even if there is pre-existing artwork for your labels. All of these pieces of information are crucial so that the New Product Approval can occur, this is also referred to as an NPA.

Product Formulation Process

Product Formulation Process | Sales Generation Process

For now, your job is done. After you have given everything we require to get your product initiated, it goes into the Sales Generation Process. What this means is it has to go through an approval process throughout the specific departments to make sure your product meets our minimum requirements in order for us to accept the sale. This part can take a little while since our R&D team has to formulate the product in order to determine the costing. R&D will take no longer than 24 hours for formulation. Afterward, it is sent off to purchasing who sources all the ingredient and packaging costs. Once all of this is finalized, the cost (the total cost of the formula) and the price (the total needed to create the product such as labor, shipping, and several other components) are established and prepped to report back to you, the customer.

Having been approved by all of the appropriate departments, the new product is given the green light to move forward and the Quotation Report containing the final total is sent to the customer. If you approve of the total and accept the sale, a PO or Purchase Order is created and sent to accounting where the official sales order is made. Accounting then sends the sale order off to all of the stakeholders who are in charge of integral parts of the production process.

Product Formulation Process

Product Formulation Process | Research & Development

Everything regarding the creation of the product starts with our Research and Development team. First, they establish if a pilot batch is required. A pilot batch is an initial creation of the product based on what you have requested or wanted in your product. The simpler formulations typically do not require a pilot batch, but the more complex ones are recommended to follow this process. This guarantees that whether you provided a previously made formula from another manufacturer or are trying to make something new, the quality of your product will be precise. If you require a pilot batch, testing will begin. On average, this process takes about one week to complete but will leave you reassured that your product’s integrity is absolute.

Once the Research & Development team finalizes the formulation, they write up a product profile containing all the crucial information regarding the products testing requirements and formulation specs, which we also make available to our customers upon request. This is a key part of the product formulation process here at Ion Labs. Then, the Go Batch, which is the go-ahead that the product has completed formulation, is sent off to Production for them to cut the batch.

Product Formulation Process

Product Formulation Process | Production

After Production receives the Go Batch, they will establish a date to begin actually creating the supplement based on the formula requirements and the availability of the machinery. They will then block a date for production, this information is then sent off to purchasing so they can send out for all of the ingredients and packaging materials and make sure that all the necessary supplies are in-house for the production date. Upon receiving all the supplies, Quality Control will inspect all of the raw materials to assure that they all meet the high standards we hold to make sure your product is a success. Once all of the raw materials are approved, they are set up in our climate controlled storage facility to wait their turn to be processed into true supplements. Then, the production date arrives, and all of the raw materials are sent to the appropriate machines for processing.

Product Formulation Process

Product Formulation Process | Customer Approval

Each supplement has different requirements. For example, powders only need to be blended, but tablets need compression and coating. We handle each type of supplement with care and finesse as we get them through each necessary step to turn them into a product worthy to be on shelves. After they have gone through their respective production processes, Quality Control does one final examination to assure that there was no contamination and that the formula requirements were met.

Finally, they are approved as a completed product and are placed in your carefully picked packaging. We make sure every packaging option is available whether you decide on bottles, boxes, or both. We also provide stick pack, sachet, blister, and even more options so nothing and no product is off limits. The product is now complete and is shipped off to you. After they have been shipped out, Quality Systems sends a COA or Certificate of Analysis for your records.

We hope that you feel reassured about our product formulation process and just how deeply we value giving you the highest quality products on the market. Here at Ion Labs, we believe in being transparent, traceable, and trusted. Let us prove it to you.

Max Timko