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Manufacturing with Quality

Manufacturing Capabilities

• 11 powder blenders ranging from 25kg to 14,000kg per batch
• 7 tablet presses (8 million tablets per shift)
• 8 double & triple head encapsulation machines (8 million capsules per shift)
• 6 liquid encapsulation machines; capable of manufacturing liquid capsules, capsule-in-capsule (with bands), beadlet capsules & beadlet-in-liquid capsules
• 3 coating machines ranging from 120kg to 600kg per pan load
• 3 pill bottling lines (125,000 bottles per shift)
• 2 powder filling lines (30,000 bottles per shift)
• Blister packing
• Unit dose PVC vials
• Automatic cartoning machines (bottles and blisters)
• Shrink wrapping (bottles, trays, etc)
• Shrink sleeving
• Sachets (tablets/capsules [including multi-packs] and powders)
• Stick packs
• 8 liquid/cosmetic mixing tanks ranging from 80 to 3,000 gallons
• 4 liquid/cosmetic filling lines (100,000 bottles per shift)

Manufacturers since 1983, we continue to provide Research and Development product development and turnkey supplement manufacturing. By offering a wide range of services, we’re able to meet all of your needs. Our in-house experts manage the process and produce products with substantial quality controls.

An initial quote, which includes research and development services.

Highest quality finished product for the lowest possible price.

Capacity to produce high volume runs daily. 

Tablet, powder, capsule, liquid and cream/serum manufacturing.

All raw materials are Certificate of Analysis challenged.

FDA registered & NSF cGMP Certified facility.

Fifty individual production rooms designed to encompass all aspects of manufacturing.

Blending, bottling, labeling, blister packaging, cartoning, liquid tubes, stick packs, shrink wraps, sachets and more.

Color, clear, and aqueous coatings.

Stock formulas as well as in-house custom solutions always available. 

  • Product effectiveness
  • Identification of the appropriate quality control processes, including raw material verification, in-process checks, and finished product & stability testing
  • Confirming contract manufacturing ability, including the tech transfer from Research and Development into production
  • On-going monitoring throughout the product life cycle
  • Our Research and Development specialists are available to discuss any formulation questions

Our consistent dependability and adherence to the most steadfast industry standards produces the products upon which our customers, and the