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5 Reasons The Top Nutritional Brands Use Ion Labs

5 Reasons The Top Nutritional Brands Use Ion Labs

5 Reasons The Top Nutritional Brands Use Ion Labs

Quality and reliability are the true hallmarks of a good name. With a good name, comes great success. Quality is obtained by acquiring and using only the best products while following the strictest requirements of industry standards. Reliability is obtained by using those quality products to develop, produce, and deliver in high volumes under the supervision of experts in the requested mediums of the client. When a successful company like Ion Labs, which has been manufacturing supplements since 1983, accomplishes all of these important factors on a daily basis, the top nutritional brands take notice and find security in that good name. Specializing in high production capability, unique delivery and shipping methods, in-house quality experts, the highest required certifications, and a specialized team of research and development specialists, Ion Labs delivers quality and reliability in volumes each and every day.

Production Capability

GMP Certified Manufacturer

The essential ability to manufacture in high volume comfortably sets Ion Labs above the rest. Boasting over fifty rooms for production capable of performing every part of a specialized manufacturing phase, Ion Labs has the capacity to blend and encapsulate over 100 million supplements every month. They can create 50 million tablets and coat 25 million as well in that same month. This is possible due to the incredibly high outputting machines they have onsite at their Tampa Bay facility. These machines include producers like:

  •          Coating Machines – 3
  •          Tablet Presses – 7
  •          Encapsulation Machines – 14 total for double and triple head and liquid
  •          Powder Blenders – 10

Delivery Methods/Shipping

Fulfillment Warehouse Services

5 Reasons The Top Nutritional Brands Use Ion Labs

Because different supplements come in many varied forms for proper ingestion, options for delivery methods must be vast and diverse. Ion Labs offers all of the most practical choices like capsules, tablets, liquids, and powders. Additionally, packaging these commodities is a serious business so that the product not only gets to the companies distributing the supplements but also further down the delivery path to the end user. Whatever the desired packaging method, Ion Labs delivers top-of-the-line options including shrink wraps, blister packs, bottles, and even dose vials.

From expertly blending the product to carefully packaging it and finally to the specialized labeling, Ion Labs offers a quality product in a professional container for the best presentation of supplements in the industry.

In-House Experts

Critical Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Quality Standards

5 Reasons The Top Nutritional Brands Use Ion Labs

Quality goes beyond just the best raw materials and packaging concepts. There has to be an expert behind every product to ensure the supplements not only meet the manufacturing requirements, but also the customer’s expectations. Throughout the entire process, Ion Labs’ in-house quality control specialists carefully monitor and control every step. This serves a dual process of producing the best final product while keeping the costs down by using an on-site staff. Top Nutritional Brands use Ion Labs because of the people and capabilities that are brought to the table.


Ion Labs prides itself on systems that are designed to create products that are not only compliant with the strictest industry standards, but also produce the highest quality. This concept makes meeting the requirements of certification an easy task by aptly adhering to practices set forth by agencies and programs such as the

  •          Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Regulatory Requirements
  •          National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International
  •          Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

Research and Development

To compete in the fast-changing supplement industry, the key is to continually seek out quality raw materials and create new products. Ion Labs has an outstanding Research & Development department that is ever expanding into uncharted territory. This department consists of a diverse team of specialists who bring forth the potential of development in many areas from reverse engineering to flavoring and everything in between. This makes Ion Labs highly sought out by the top nutritional brands for cutting edge development of new and outstanding possibilities.

5 Reasons The Top Nutritional Brands Use Ion Labs Summary

Ion Labs is always approachable for questions and ideas. They know the industry requirements and are experts in their fields, always ready to discuss options and opportunities to create new and amazing products.

With stated core values of trust, quality, traceability, and transparency, it’s no wonder top brands rely on the manufacturing capabilities of Ion Labs day in and day out. High volume production, desired delivery and shipping methods, onsite quality control, adherence to national standards, and outstanding research and development experts are the key components that set Ion Labs apart. Quality and reliability come through clearly and successfully give Ion Labs the good name it has.